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ILA Presentation: Tiny Crafters


Kelsey from Library Bonanza, Heather from Little Literacy Librarian, and I are presenting a program at Illinois Library Association Conference TODAY all about art with small people!

Here are links to my posts all about art:

Little Hands Art

Ping-Pong Ball Painting
Paper Collage
Model Clay
Bubble Wrap Painting
Coffee Filter Art

Kids Art

Flower Painting (Forks)
Coffee Filter Rainbows
Heart Painting (Toilet Paper Rolls)
Marble Painting
Nightscape Finger Painting
Paper Plate Planets (Sponge Painting)

If you’re in Peoria, I hope you stop by to hear us speak! We have special busy bags to everyone to take home!

“Weeding: The Human Side” Presentation

Last Monday, I had the pleasure of speaking to the CLASS (Chicago Librarians Across Southern Suburbs) professional group. I spent the majority of my time answering questions from the group about weeding after giving my background on weeding and collection management.

  • Weeded the entirety of my former library’s youth collection, much of which hadn’t been touched in quite a long time.
  • Re-cataloged all picture books at my former library into subject categorization.
  • Currently manage a picture book collection of 12,000-15,000 picture books & 6,000-8,000 beginning readers.
  • Co-taught a workshop with my department head training all Kids & Teens paraprofessional staff members on weeding in 2014.
  • Huge believer in constant weeding and daily collection management. Big advocate for weeding.

I prepared a presentation for the group, but didn’t have time to share it. The first slideshow is how the presentation would have looked that day:

And this second slideshow contains an outline of my notes and talking points integrated with the original slideshow.

I am putting this up to help and aide librarians in learning how to weed and to feel confident doing so. Please do not use my presentation as your own. Furthermore, all images in the presentation are either stock photos that I’ve purchased the rights to use, images I’ve taken myself, or screenshots from websites.

If you’d like to arrange for me to speak to your group either in-person or virtually, I’d be happy to discuss details via email [simplykatie[at]gmail[dot]com].

Early Lit 101

My library is currently embracing a year of learning opportunities (YOLO), with different staff members presenting on different topics. I presented last week (and am presenting again this week) on how all staff can encourage early literacy practices throughout the library. My training is a mandatory training, with all 100 staff members required to attend. That means that I have a great opportunity to educate all staff about early literacy practices.


There’s not a lot of info in the actual Powerpoint, but I promise I talked a lot!

My presentation also included a touch-and-feel component where staff members got to use/touch/see early literacy materials and they had the chance to “sort” them after the Powerpoint into the five Every Child Ready to Read practices of read, write, play, talk, and sing.

If you have any questions or want to know more about this presentation, please feel free to contact me through email [simplykatie[at]gmail[dot]com] or via Twitter @storytimekatie.

Storytime & Flannelboards Presentation

Last week, I presented an hour and fifteen minute presentation all about flannelboards for a fabulous Illinois group, Prairie State Story League.


(I have no idea why the “Performing” title slide put the G on its own line. I promise it wasn’t that way in the actual presentation.)

Also: I updated my flannelboards hand-out from this spring; and I also traced several flannelboards to make some patterns which are available here: patterns!

Patterns include:

I want to thank the Prairie State Story League for having me present and I’d also like to thank Schaumburg Township Library District for hosting the event.

And of course, I want to thank everyone that came to the workshop — I had such a wonderful time meeting and talking with you! If you have any questions, please let me know either through a comment, email [simplykatieATgmailDOTcom] or via Twitter — @storytimekatie.