Little Hands Art: Collage


This summer, I started a bi-monthly art program for toddlers. It alternated with a weekly drop-in open play program. Little Hands Art was advertised for toddlers ages 2-4 with an adult caregiver. Registration was required and our programming blurb requested that toddlers come wearing clothes they could get messy in.

Yes, I opened up big with the first week’s program of bubble wrap painting. We took a small step towards easier clean-up with this week’s paper collage creation. This week’s focus was on fine motor skill development through either ripping or cutting. We also used a variety of paper: cardstock, regular paper, and construction paper. That changed up how the paper felt and ease of the paper (would it tear or not?) — a great chance for texture and sensory touching!

First the kids tore or cut the paper:

(Yay! So proud of mom for letting him use the scissors today!) And then they glued it down:

I don’t think anyone tasted the glue, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it happened. That’s why I buy non-toxic art products!

Take-aways from this session:

1. I braved the folding chairs this week! It still wasn’t perfect though and I’m still working on finding a solution.

2. This was a pretty mess-free clean-up. I recycled anything with glue on it and then put the scraps out in our Makerspace for older kids to create with throughout the week.

And finally a Pinterest friendly image:

Kelsey from Library Bonanza, Heather from Little Literacy Librarian, and I are presenting a program at Illinois Library Association Conference THIS THURSDAY all about art with small people! You’ll be seeing a lot of art posts this week — enjoy!

3 comments on “Little Hands Art: Collage

  1. Sue Brooks
    October 21, 2015 at 7:57 am #

    I love this idea. Please tell me more about the MAKERSPACE.

    We have tried to leave out puzzles/chalkboard with magnets for children to use at- will. The result was missing pieces, broken pieces and chalk on tables. So sad….

    Can you suggest ways to monitor these spaces.

    Thanks much,

    Miss Sue

    • Katie
      June 7, 2016 at 12:27 pm #

      I think my biggest tip is to accept that loss and mess will be a part of this space. We build into our budget the funds to replace materials and to purchase cleaning supplies. Maybe some signs to ask caregivers to monitor their children in the space?


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