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Big & Little!

The Plan



Big Hugs, Little Hugs by Felicia Bond
Every Little Thing by Cedella Marley
Little Mouse by Alison Murray
Maria Had a Little Lamb by Angela Dominguez
Meeow and the Big Box by Sebastien Braun

Extension Activities

Flannelboard: Go Away Big Green Monster

Action Rhyme: “Little Birds”
Little birds, little birds, jump up and down
Little birds, little birds, don’t make a sound
Little birds, little birds, tip-toe to me
Little birds, little birds, bend your knees
Little birds, little birds, peep, peep, peep
Little birds, little birds, sleep, sleep, sleep
Little birds, little birds, fly to the leaves
Little birds, little birds, sit down please
Credit: Greatest Resource Education Child Care

Action Rhyme: “This Is Big”
This is big, big, big
This is small, small, small
This is short, short, short
This is tall, tall, tall
This is fast, fast, fast
This is slow, slow, slow
This is yes, yes, yes
This is no, no, no
Credit: Mel’s Desk

Fingerplay: “Little Turtle”
There was a little turtle (put hands on top of one another)
He lived in a box (make box)
He swam in a puddle (swimming motion)
He climbed on the rocks (climbing motion)
He snapped at a mosquito (clap)
He snapped at a flea (clap)
He snapped at a minnow (clap)
And he snapped at me (clap)
He caught the mosquito (cup hands together)
He caught the flea (cup hands together)
He caught the minnow (cup hands together)
But he didn’t catch me! (shake finger “no”)
Credit: Childhood


I let the kids work on scissor skills since only the preschool class does the craft. (The twos & threes goes back to their classrooms and I’m left with the fours & fives for the activity.) I had cardstock circles print out on paper and the kids cut them out. Then they sorted them by size to string into rainbow necklaces. I had pre-punched the circles with a hole punch prior to arriving. Then, the kids strung the circles with yarn that I had taped at the ends for stability. This amazing idea came from Hands On As We Grow.

How It Went

This was a great opposite set storytime. The kids loved “Meeow and the Big Box” and “Little Mouse.” Doing “Go Away, Big Green Monster” as a flannelboard is always a crowd-pleaser. The kids absolutely adored this craft though and it was easily the hit of storytime. I loved seeing the kids wearing their necklaces as I left the classroom.


The Plan



Kiki’s Blankie by Janie Bynum
Mighty Max by Harriet Ziefert
My Mom Has X-Ray Vision by Angela McAllister
Princess Super Kitty by Antoniette Portis
Superhero ABC by Bob McLeod

Extension Activities

Flannelboard: “Ten Little Heroes”
One little, two little, three little heroes
Four little, five little, six little heroes
Seven little, eight little, nine little heroes
Ten heroes ready to fly!
(count down)
Credit: Modified from Childhood

Action Rhyme: “Superman”
Put your hands way up high (raise arms up in air)
Like Superman flying across the sky (assume flying position)
Fly to the left, now fly to the right (lean to your right, then left)
Now show me your muscles with all your might,(make arm muscles)
Now Superman’s putting his suit away (bring arms down slowly)
So he can go flying another day (rest hands in lap)
Credit: Sunflower Storytime

Action Song with Applesauce!: “Did You Ever See a Hero?”
Did you ever see a hero, a hero, a hero,
Did you ever see a hero, flying in the sky?
Fly this way and that way and this way and that way
Did you ever see a hero, flying in the sky?
(putting on their cape, saving the day, going home)
Credit: Modified from Childhood

Fingerplay: “Five Superheroes”
Five superheroes ready to fly,
Here comes a villain. Stop that guy!
This superhero can save the day.
Off he/she flies – up, up, and away!
Credit: Jbrary


We had these leftovers masks from a long ago Halloween program and I just repurposed them to be superhero masks. I brought out a bunch of stickers and let the preschoolers go to town. They had a great time! My greatest compliment is one of my kids insists on wearing his mask any time his family comes to the library.

How It Went

Thursday morning
This was a smaller crowd on Thursday morning. And that meant that I wound up only reading two of the books: “Superhero ABC” and “Kiki’s Blankie” since I wasn’t getting a lot of participation during the books from the kids. They absolutely LOVED “Five Superheros” from Jbrary and my flannelboard song. I bought some clip art off of Etsy to make the flannelboard and I absolutely love how it turned out.

Friday morning
This storytime was dominated by 4 & 5 year-old boys. I’m sure you can imagine what a dream come true superhero storytime was for them. Their favorite book was “Mighty Max.” Since it was a mostly boy crowd, I did read “Princess Super Kitty” especially to show them that girls can be superheroes too. (It’s also why I bought clip art with girls and boys.) This group really enjoyed when I put a cape on Applesauce and sang “Did You Ever See a Hero?”

Dirt, Sand, & Mud!

The Plan



Bebe Goes to the Beach by Susan Middleton Elya
Dini Dinosaur by Karen Beamont
Mr. Gumpy’s Motor Car by John Burningham
Sea, Sand, and Me! by Patricia Hubbell
Underground by Denise Fleming

Extension Activities

Flannelboard: “Five Clean and Dirty Pigs”

Flannelboard: “Five Pretty Sandcastles”
Five pretty sandcastles standing on the shore,
The tide came in (whoosh!) and then there were four.
Four pretty sandcastles standing by the sea,
The tide came in (whoosh!) and then there were three.
Three pretty sandcastles standing by the ocean blue,
The tide came in (whoosh!) and then there were two.
Two pretty sandcastles standing in the sun,
The tide came in (whoosh!) and then there was one.
One pretty sandcastle just out of reach,
The tide came in (whoosh!) but it stayed on the beach!
Credit: Storytime Secrets

Song: “We’re Going to the Beach”
We’re going to the beach,
We’re going to the beach.
I think we’ll see some sand there!
We’re going to the beach.
(water, fish, towels, whatever else they said!)
Credit: Storytime Secrets



Yes, I attempted sand art at storytime! And I have to say, even to my surprise, it was a success! Three things that made this a remarkable joy: spoons + funnels + Tacky Glue. I put the sand in bowls for the kids to spoon into their funnels. I did have to buy additional funnels since the kit only came with two — but I would have had to do that anyways since this wasn’t the only sand art program we did last summer. And, of course, the caregivers were game to help their kiddos out which made it possible for me to man the finishing station where I put Tacky Glue inside the cap to permanently close the necklace.

How It Went

Thursday morning
I did this storytime on my birthday and it was a great theme given how much I love the beach! The kids had a great time with the flannelboards, which I left out for them to play with after storytime. My parents really enjoyed “Bebe Goes to the Beach” since it has some Spanish vocabulary in it. The kids were very fascinated with “Underground”, which was the book that inspired this whole storytime!

Friday morning
My Friday group loved all the mud activities today: “Mr. Gumpy” and “Five Clean and Dirty Pigs.” I had a lot of very excited kids when I flipped each pig — they weren’t expecting the mud to suddenly appear!


The Plan


Bubble Bath, Pirates! by Jarrett J. Krosoczka
Peg Leg Peke by Brie Spangler
Pirate Nap by Danna Smith
This Little Pirate by Philemon Sturges

Extension Activities

Flannelboard: “Five Pirates for a Treasure Chest”
Five pirates on a treasure chest, one jumped off and four are left.
Four pirates on a treasure chest, one slid off and three are left.
Three pirates on a treasure chest, one fell down and two are left.
Two pirates on a treasure chest, one was pushed off and one is left.
One pirate on a treasure chest, he climbed down and none are left.
No pirates on the treasure chest, yo-ho-ho and now it’s all mine!
Credit: Mega Storytime

Flannelboard: “The Pirate Wore a Red Patch”
Pirate wore a red patch, red patch, red patch
Pirate wore a red patch all day long…
Credit: Loons and Quines

Action Song: “If You’re a Pirate and You Know It”
If you’re a pirate & you know it, swab the desk (swish, swish)
If you’re a pirate & you know it, swab the desk (swish, swish)
If you’re a pirate & you know it, then you’ll hear sea winds a’blowin
If you’re a pirate & you know it, swab the desk (swish, swish)
(Walk the plank, stomp stomp // Say ahoy, ahoy!)
Credit: Born Librarian

Fingerplay: “Ten Little Pirates”
Ten little pirates stood in a row (hold up all ten fingers)
They bowed to their captain so (lower and raise fingers)
They marched to the left (march hands to left)
And marched to the right (march hands to right)
They shouted yo-ho! (cup hands over mouth)
And gave their captain a fright (act scared, cover mouth with hands)
Credit: Born Librarian

Song: “Sail, Sail, Sail Your Ship” (Tune: Row, Row, Row Your Boat)
Sail, sail, sail your ship
Gently over the sea
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
A pirate’s life for me!
Credit: King County Library System


This was a craft kit that I bought from Oriental Trading. All of the foam shapes were peel and stick and the kids LOVED their pirate hats. We had several kids up in the department afterwards working on their treasure map coloring sheets and swashbuckling their crayons.

How It Went

I know I say this all the time, but this was an AMAZING theme for storytime! The kids had SO MUCH fun with the extension activities and shouting “ARR!” with me. The hit of storytime was “Bubble Bath Pirates,” and I have to thank a neighboring librarian who recommended and pulled the book for me — it is definitely being purchased for our storytime collection.


The Plan


A Hat for Minerva Louise by Janet Morgan Stoeke
Twelve Hats for Lena by Karen Katz
Where’s Mary’s Hat?
Who’s Under That Hat? by David A. Carter

Extension Activities

Flannelboard: “Little Cat”

Action Rhyme: “Hats on Everyone”
Hats on police officers starchy and blue (salute)
Hats on fire fighters shiny and new (spray with hose)
Hat on marchers in a band (drum)
Hat on astronauts when they land (float)
Hats on farmers made of straw (shovel hay)
Hats on artists when they draw (paint)
Hats on kids out in the sun (shade eyes)
Hat on almost everyone! (hold hands out to side)
Credit: Perry Public Library

Action Rhyme: “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”
Credit: Childhood

Fingerplay: “Grandma’s Glasses”
These are Grandma’s glasses
This is Grandma’s hat
This is the way she folds her hands
And lays them in her lap
Here are Grandpa’s glasses
And here is Grandpa’s hat
And here’s the way he folds his arms
And takes a little nap
Credit: Childhood

Song: “Silly Hat Song” (Tune: This Old Man)
On my head, I wear my hat.
It is such a silly hat
That my head will wiggle waggle to and fro
Where else can my silly hat go?
[Repeat using foot, elbow and knee.]
Credit: SurLaLune Storytime


I got this craft from Sarah at Awesome Storytime and it was a big hit. I put out tons of craft supplies and let the kids go to town. We had some very creative hats!

How It Went

This is such a great storytime theme; I’m surprised it took me this long to do it! Their favorite book was “Twelve Hats for Lena” because they loved telling me which holiday she decorated her hat for, but I think the book that got the most laughs was “A Hat for Minerva Louise.” They really enjoyed telling me what Minerva Louise was really wearing instead of a hat. The best part of storytime, however, was the flannelboard game. The kids were screeching with delight as we tried to find Little Cat. It’s been a while since I did a hiding flannel with them, and they definitely missed it!

Fairy Tales!

The Plan


The Foggy Foggy Forest by Nick Sharratt
Over at the Castle by Boni Ashburn
The Sunflower Sword by Mark Sperring and Miriam Latimer
The Twelve Dancing Princesses by Rachel Isadora

Extension Activities

Flannelboard: “Five Knights In Shining Armor”
Five knights in shining armor, fearless and brave,
Went dragon hunting deep in a cave
The dragon started breathing fire,
The knights’ knees were all aquiver,
So one little knight went off to the river!

Song: “Curtsy Like a Princess” (Skip to My Lou)
Curtsy like a princess just like so
Curtsy like a princess just like so
Curtsy like a princess just like so
Curtsy like a princess!
(Bow like a prince, juggle like a jester, fly like a fairy, roar like a dragon)
Credit: Story Time Secrets

Puppets: “Here Is…”
Here is the knight with his feathered cap (take off hat, bow)
Here are his boots which go tap, tap, tap (tap feet)
Here is the dragon, listen to him roar (roar)
Here are his wings to help him soar (soar)
Here is the princess with her golden crown (four fingers over head)
Here is her lovely blue ball gown (curtsy)
Adapted from: Hummingbird Educational Resources

Song: “There Was a Princess” (repeat every line twice)
There was a princess long ago, long ago, long ago (curtsy)
And she lived in a big high tower, big high tower, big high tower (hands above head in triangle)
A wicked fairy cast a spell, cast a spell, cast a spell (wiggle fingers, cackle)
The princess slept for a hundred years, a hundred years, a hundred years (head on hands)
A great big forest grew around, grew around, grew around (spin)
A handsome prince came riding by, riding by, riding by (gallop)
He took his sword and cut the trees, cut the trees, cut the trees (make chopping motions)
He woke the princess with a kiss, with a kiss, with a kiss (blow kisses)
And everybody is happy now, happy now, happy now! (shoot “hooray!”)
Modified from Perpetual Preschool (I know I got the words from there, but I watched several YouTube videos to learn the song and wound up mashing some of the versions together.)


I bought the crowns from Oriental Trading and we used whatever foam stickers were around to decorate them. The squares were left-overs from an Earth Day program and the stars were left-overs from this summer. We also had letters so the kids could put their names on their crowns.

How It Went

This storytime skewed WAY older than I anticipated — right around the eight/nine year old mark (which is out of the suggested age range, but I had so many older siblings attend with their younger ones). Basically it meant that I had some very enthusiastic kids who sang and participated and I had some who didn’t. Somehow this still managed to work. All of the kids were very good listeners during the stories. Their favorite books were “The Sunflower Sword” and “The Foggy Foggy Forest.”



Go to Bed, Monster by Natasha Wing
If You’re a Monster and You Know It by Rebecca and Ed Emberley
Jeremy Draws a Monster by Peter McCarty
Leonardo the Terrible Monster by Mo Willems
Ten Little Beasties by Rebecca and Ed Emberley

Extension Activities

Song: “Five Little Monsters”
Five little monsters jumping on the bed
One fell off and bumped his head
Mama called the doctor and the doctor said,
“No more monsters jumping on the bed!”
Credit: Childhood (Adaptation)

Song: “Monster Pokey”
You put your claws in, you take your claws out
You put your claws in, and you shake them all about
You do the wild rumpus and you turn yourself about
That’s what it’s all about
(horns, tail, big feet, and hairy self)
Credit: Perry Public Library

Action Rhyme: “Monster Stomp”
If you want to be a monster, now’s your chance
‘Cause everybody’s doing the monster dance
You just stamp your feet, wave your arms around
Stretch ‘em up, stretch ‘em up,
Then put them on the ground
‘Cause you’re doing the monster stomp
That’s right! You’re doing the monster stomp
Credit: SurLaLune Storytime

Flannelboard: “Go Away Big Green Monster”


How It Went

This was an afternoon storytime, and I have to say that it was a much quieter storytime than I thought it would be. I had about fifteen kids; none of which really wanted to roar or monster around. They were attentive and definitely enjoyed listening to the stories that I was reading, but were not into the extension activities. After a minorly disastrous “Monster Pokey,” I decided to skip the “Monster Stomp.” The minute we hit the craft though, the kids were racing through the hats only to put them on and chase each other around the room, roaring. Go figure!


The Plan


A Birthday for Cow by Jan Thomas
The Birthday Box by Leslie Patricelli
Don’t Spill the Beans! by Ian Schoenherr
Magic Box by Katie Cleminson
The Secret Birthday Message by Eric Carle

Extension Activities

Action Rhyme: “A Birthday”
Today is everyone’s birthday
Let’s make us a cake (form cake with hands)
Mix and stir, stir and mix (stir)
Then into the oven to bake (push hands out)
Here’s our cake so nice and round (make a circle)
We frost it pink and white (spread frosting)
We put five candles on it (hold up hand)
To make a birthday bright!
Credit: Addison Public Library

Action Rhyme: “Birthday Months”
If your birthday is in January, turn around
If your birthday is in February, touch the ground
(March, march along; April, sing a song; May, wiggle your nose; June, shake your toes; July, jump up high; August, reach the sky; September, tap your shoe; October, call out “Boo!”; November, tickle your ears; December, give three cheers)
Credit: Addison Public Library

Song: “Happy Birthday” (English & Spanish)

Flannel: Five Candles
Five candles on a birthday cake
Five, and not one more
You may blow one candle out,
And that leaves four!
(There for all to see / three; Standing straight and true / two; Helping us have fun / one; We know its task is done / none)
Credit: Addison Public Library


Birthday party hats; purchased from Oriental Trading. These were self-stick, so all the kids had to do was color and their parents had to attach the string for the most part. (Looping the string through the hole, catching with the metal endpin.)

How It Went

I have to say — both of these storytime sessions were absolute DREAMS. I don’t know if knowing it was my birthday that week made them behave or if the storytime was just so engrossing that no one felt like running through the room; but I’m telling you — this is the stuff dreams are made of!

Thursday morning

This group had the most fun with “Magic Box.” And the book that I was worried about most, “Don’t Spill the Beans” turned out to be a huge success when I decided spur of the moment to have the kids whisper secrets after I read each page. Also, my mommas were thrilled when I sang with the kids “Happy Birthday” in both English and Spanish. I try my hardest to get some bilingual storytime moments, so I was happy to call upon my high school Spanish to remember how to sing “Feliz Cumpleaños.”

Friday morning

My daycare kids were thrilled with “The Secret Birthday Message” because they had just finished a unit on shapes! This book is all about a child finding a map to their present — but the map is not written out in words, but instead in all different kinds of shapes. They had a harder time with the action rhyme, “Birthday Months” — without parents around to remind them when it was their turn, most of the kids just did the action for every month — which I never even said anything. Their teachers, however, kept trying to get them to only do one. Sometimes it’s easier to just live and let live though!

Stop and Go!

My next opposite storytime theme this week was stop and go! The “go” part was very easy to find material for, but the “stop” definitely presented some creative storytime solutions. (I really like challenging myself to find *good* books to fit!)

First up, I read “Watch Me Go” by Rebecca Young.

This is a much smaller book than I ever thought that I would use in storytime, but I love the moving pictures so much! Anyways, reading this one definitely had a lot of panning involved, but the kids were so excited about this book that I didn’t mind the extra work for me. We talked a lot about different kinds of transportation (since the book has so many different examples) and launched straight into singing “Down By the Station.”

The next book was a “stop” book — “The Bus Stop” by Janet Morgan Stoeke.

A sweet story about kids getting ready to go to the bus stop. And throughout their school day, they all can’t wait to get back to the bus stop. After I finished reading, the kids and I talked about why it’s called a stop.

For the flannelboard, I got to use some ideas from the Michaels flannelboard I purchased either this month. I had to re-do some of the pieces because the felt wasn’t sticking very well. (Super thin felt and while it had no problem sticking to my board, it did have a problem sticking to itself.) Using the astronauts, I got to do this rhyme I learned in library school:

Flannel: “Zoom Zoom Zoom”
Zoom, zoom, zoom, we’re going to the moon!
Zoom, zoom, zoom, we’ll be there very soon!
So, if you’d like to take a trip
Just step inside my rocket ship
Zoom, zoom, zoom, we’re going to the mon!
Zoom, zoom, zoom, we’ll be there very soon!
Credit: Library School

And I followed it up with another space-themed activity:

Action Rhyme: “Bend and Stretch”
Bend and stretch, reach for the stars
There goes Jupiter, here comes Mars
Bend and stretch and reach for the sky
Stand on tip-e-toe, go so high!
Credit: Preschool Kids

The next book was “Go to Bed, Monster!” by Natasha Wing.

This was a pretty hysterical read. My daycare teachers were cracking up, and because they were really into the book — so were their classes! While this book has always worked well for me in storytime, today’s reading of it will be particularly memorable.

Then, we shook things up with an action rhyme:

Action Rhyme: “If I Were a Monster”
If I were a happy monster, I’d go ha! ha! ha! (laugh)
If I were a sad monster, I’d go boo, hoo, hoo! (rub eyes)
If I were a mad monster, I’d go stomp, stomp, stomp! (stomp feet)
If I were a scared monster, I’d go AHH! AHH! AHH! (scream)
But I’m just me, you see, so I’ll just read, read, read (sit down)
Credit: Perry Public Library

And then it was onward to “The Going to Bed Book” by Sandra Boynton.

This is another title that we have multiple copies of in a board book form. This was the first time that I used these books in a daycare format, and while the kids were good with sharing — they didn’t have the same interaction as my parent & kid sets. I don’t know if I would do this again. That being said, they definitely enjoyed the book!

The last book for today was “Red Light, Green Light” by Anastasia Suen.

I love that this book talked about stop and go; it was perfect for this theme — and the kids never get tired of transportation books. But this one especially worked because it led us straight through our action rhyme and then onto our craft.

Action Rhyme: “Green Says Go”
Green says, “Go!” (march quickly)
Go! Go! Go!
Yellow says, “Slow!” (march slowly)
And red says, “Stop!” (stop and freeze)
Go! Go! Go! (march fast)
Slow…slow…slow (march slowly)
and STOP! (stop)
Credit: Toddler Storytime

And then I borrowed this craft from Sarah at Awesome Storytime. This craft was a super simple one for the kids — they just glued down the circles and then wrote their names at the bottom, but I knew that the two teachers wouldn’t be able to help twenty two kids tie their necklaces, so I did it ahead of time.

Bunny Storytime!

Two weeks ago was “Snapshot Day” in Illinois libraries. It’s an advocacy campaign designed to show daily usage in a library. Participants are able to complete surveys about their library. For our part, Youth Services put together four activities that day. And of course, one was storytime. Because it was on a different day than my normal storytime hour, I had a smaller crowd of seven kids and our theme was bunnies.

Started off storytime with “Max’s Chocolate Chicken” by Rosemary Wells.

I grew up loving these books and still adore Rosemary Wells. This is a great one all about finding Easter eggs and getting candy and of course, Max being mischievous. I love how Ruby bosses him around, and so do the kids. (This was my one and only Easter book, and I asked parents before hand if they minded an Easter book being shared. I was ready to go with “Goodnight, Moon” instead if anyone had a problem.)

Next up, a new book by a favorite author — “What’s the Matter, Bunny Blue?” by Nicola Smee.

This is a great book for rhymes. Bunny Blue has lost her grandma, and she’s something of a mess. The kids laughed a lot when I was boo-hooing as Bunny Blue, but they kept insisting that we would find her grandma so I know that they weren’t worried. A great read-aloud book!

Then, we tried our own hands at locating a bunny. She was hiding under some Easter eggs. The kids got to practice naming colors, and since we were such a small crowd, I let everyone come up and take their own guesses off the board. (And I had the houses on stand-by for bunny to hide under if needed.)

Since the kids were a little wiggly after moving around, we did a quick rhyme to sit them back down:

Action Rhyme: “Little Rabbit”
I saw a little rabbit go hop, hop, hop
I told that little rabbit to stop, stop, stop
He wiggled his ears and crinkled his nose
And wiggled, wiggled, wiggled right down to his toes.
Credit: Modified from Preschool Education Music & Songs

Next up, I got to use a small board board because our crowd was smaller: “In My Meadow” by Sara Gillingham and Lorena Siminovich.

I actually bought this book to possibly make a flannelboard out of it. (I’ve loved this board book/puppet series since I first saw them in bookstores last year.) Well, time got away with me and it was still in my storytime drawer so I brought it down to use as a puppet moreso. The kids LOVED getting to pet bunny at the end of the book. And since it was so short, I read it twice!

Then, I did a little rhyme with puppets:

Puppets: “There’s Something In My Garden”
There’s something in my garden
Now what can it be?
There’s something in my garden
That I can’t really see.
Hear its funny sound…
A frog is what I found!
(SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK, A mouse is what I found! / CAW CAW CAW, A crow is what I found! / THUMP THUMP THUMP, A rabbit is what I found!)
Credit: SurLaLune Storytime

The kids were spot on with their guesses, but they were still very excited when I pulled out a puppet of the animal from behind my back. After, I read “What Does Bunny See?” by Linda Sue Park.

Another great guessing book, this time guessing what colors and flowers Bunny sees in her garden. Which brought us to our fingerplay:

Fingerplay: “Here is a Bunny”
Here is a bunny with ears so funny (hold up index and middle fingers for ears)
And here is his hole in the ground (make a circle with the other hand)
At the first sound he hears, he pricks up his ears (extend two fingers)
And hops in the hole in the ground (fingers jump into the hole)
Credit: Early Literature

And then our next book, “Bunny Fun” by Sarah Weeks.

This book was a fun deviation from a lot of the normal bunny books. This one was about a little bunny who was stuck inside on a rainy day and all the fun he came up with. My kids were very excited to see activities that they do (blocks, coloring, etc.). Super cute.

Fingerplay: “Little Bunny”
There was a little bunny who lived in the wood. (hold up two fingers)
He wiggled his ears as a good bunny should (wiggle on head)
He hopped by a squirrel. He hopped by a tree. (hop, hop)
He hopped by a duck. And he hopped by me. (hop, hop over fist)
He stared at the squirrel. He stared at the tree. (stare, stare)
He stared at the duck. But he made faces at me! (stare, make faces)
Credit: Texas State Library

That was a hysteric fingerplay. The kids could not stop laughing when we made funny faces. After a good laugh, I read our last book for the day, “Little White Rabbit” by Kevin Henkes.

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of books by Kevin Henkes. So, it should come as no surprise that I love this newest one by him. It’s such a good calming, end-of-storytime read.

All that was left was our craft, which I had purchased from an Oriental Trading craft kit: