Little Hands Art: Coffee Filters


My summer session was so successful and had such a waitlist that I’m doing a fall and winter session on Saturdays! Little Hands Art was advertised for toddlers ages 2-4 with an adult caregiver. Registration was required and our programming blurb requested that toddlers come wearing clothes they could get messy in.

I went super simple for this round of Little Hands Art: coffee filter art. The kids colored with markers and sprayed water to get the colors to mix and spread or they stamped with Do-a-Dot markers and also sprayed if they wanted to. This month, I asked parents to describe what was happening for their children, challenging them to use as many big words as they could! I heard great STEM vocabulary like: transparent, combining, bleeding, merging, etc.

Some examples of Do-a-Dot markers:

Spraying our creations:

Take-aways from this session:

1. Holy moly! Tables on the floor was PERFECT for the kids. I started the program with half on the floor and half upright and eventually everyone asked me to move theirs to the floor.

And another Pinterest friendly image:

Kelsey from Library Bonanza, Heather from Little Literacy Librarian, and I are presenting a program at Illinois Library Association Conference THIS THURSDAY all about art with small people! You’ll be seeing a lot of art posts this week — enjoy!


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