Kids Art: Space

“Kids Art” was a program created to pair a book with a larger art project. The library already hosts a monthly craft program for grades 1-6, but our little kids were not getting much art — other than my storytime crafts. Thus, “Kids Art.”

This summer, Kids Art is back after a long hiatus! This program is definitely an important one for my community and I’m pleased that we have the space to offer it again. This month, I themed it to space and we painted planets on paper plates.

The Plan


Blast Off! by Malachy Doyle
Space Boy by Leo Landry
Zoom, Rocket, Zoom by Margaret Mayo


This was a very last minute idea. I had no idea what to do for my craft, because I try to incorporate painting without it being dreadfully messy. Anyway, I figured we could make some planets since it would be a very easy contained craft by limiting the art space to a paper plate.

How It Went

“Space Boy” was the favorite book, and each kid got to make three planets before it was time to call it quits. First, we painted and then we did the books to give their planets some time to dry before going home. Overall, it was a very successful program and we’ve had very positive feedback from parents via our Facebook page!


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