Book Bundles: Time


For an overview of the Book Bundles and Parenting Packs early literacy kits, please visit the original post. The cost listed is the list price of each item, regardless of whether or not we got it on sale/discount. The activity sheets amount was calculated by cost of binder clip + lamination sheets.


Itemized List

  • Backpack ($7.39) — 4Imprint
  • Maisy’s First Clock by Lucy Cousins ($14.99) — Baker & Taylor
  • Telling Time by Jules Older ($7.95) — Baker & Taylor
  • Munchkin Math: Telling Time ($16.98) — Amazon
  • Lakeshore Learning: Time Match-Up Puzzles ($9.99) — Lakeshore Learning
  • Melissa and Doug Shape Sorting Clock ($14.99) — Amazon
  • Vinyl Bags ($2.99) — The Container Store
  • Activity Sheets ($2.55) — created in-house

Total: $77.83

With the book, I wanted to provide an easy book and a harder book. I don’t know of any easier books than the Maisy series. Great to introduce concepts in an easily understood way. I was also thrilled that Maisy’s First Clock also has a movable clock embedded in the board book. Telling Time is my older book and covers both analog and digital time telling.

I struggled with what else to provide as manipulatives in this Bundle and was happy to find the Munchkin Math: Telling Time DVD. It makes learning to tell time fun and engaging for kids.

And then just like the books, I wanted to provide an easy puzzle and a harder puzzle. The Melissa and Doug Sorting Clock is great for the little kids because the shapes help guide the child into choosing the correct place for each number. It’s also nice to have a working clock. And my harder puzzle is the Time Match-Up Puzzles. These puzzles match digital and analog clocks that display the same time together. It’s also self-checking!

It’s the middle of May and the Time Book Bundle has gone out 10 times since launching at the end of November! I’m surprised that this one has gone out so many times — pleasantly so!

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