Book Bundles: Shapes


For an overview of the Book Bundles and Parenting Packs early literacy kits, please visit the original post. The cost listed is the list price of each item, regardless of whether or not we got it on sale/discount. The activity sheets amount was calculated by cost of binder clip + lamination sheets.


Itemized List

  • Backpack ($7.39) — 4Imprint
  • Color Zoo by Lois Ehlert ($17.99) — Baker & Taylor
  • My Very First Book of Shapes by Eric Carle ($5.99) — Baker & Taylor
  • Round Is a Mooncake by Roseanne Thong ($7.99) — Baker & Taylor
  • Lauri Shape and Color Sorter ($14.99) — Amazon
  • Melissa and Doug Lace & Trace Shapes ($9.99) — Amazon
  • Vinyl Bags (2) ($5.98) — The Container Store
  • Activity Sheets ($2.55) — created in-house

Total: $72.87

The book choices for this Bundle were so easy. These are all favorites and in particular Color Zoo has a large fanbase here in our storytimes. I also like that all of these books talk about a variety of shapes — Round is a Mooncake focuses on circles, squares, and rectangles while Color Zoo talks about so many different shapes from a circle to an octagon.

The Lauri Shape and Color Sorter was a FIND for me. I was looking for some lighter manipulatives to go in this kit since I knew it was going to have three books. Being about to have a foam shape sorter that detaches to store nicely in one of our vinyl bags? Priceless!

And of course, Lace and Trace Shapes. I love these kinds of toys for fine-motor development and tactile exposure. And because this is a Melissa and Doug product, I could trust it immediately to withstand the normal kid wear and tear. And I know that I’ll be able to buy it again in case pieces go missing.

It’s the middle of May and the Shapes Book Bundle has gone out 10 times since launching at the end of November! This Bundle is probably one of the lightest ones that we have.

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