Shake, Shimmy, & Dance: 6/7

It’s summer time again, which means eight weeks straight of Shake, Shimmy, & Dance!


The Plan

From Head to Toe by Eric Carle
It’s time for another re-launch of the program and I always restart with this title. My friends who have come before know it and participate wholeheartedly. This sets such an awesome example for new friends who have just arrived.

Egg Shakers!

The Playlist

Hello & How Are You? — Old Town School of Folk Music
Movin’ Groovin’ — Mr. Jon & Friends
Dance With Me — Fresh Beat Band
Freeze Dance — Joanie Leeds and the Nightlights
Like a Spinning Top — Alison Faith Levy
Shakin’ Everywhere — Jim Gill
Fruit Salad Salsa — Laurie Berkner Band
Shake Hands With Friends — Ella Jenkins

How It Went

I had a great time with a fantastic relaunch today. I think the most energetic song was “Dance With Me” which includes a “jump, jump, jump and slide” chorus. And “Like a Spinning Top” was the probably the most well-received by the crowd. I was happy to have a new artist for Shake, Shimmy! We had shaker eggs out for both “Shakin’ Everywhere” and “Fruit Salad Salsa”. The crowd cleaned up well afterwards and I had many compliments on the program!

(For an example of the Powerpoint and handouts that I made for each Shake, Shimmy please visit the original post.)

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