The Plan



Firefighter Frank by Monica Wellington
Firefighters! Speeding! Spraying! Saving! by Patricia Hubbell
Firefighter Ted by Andrea Beaty
I Love Trucks! by Philemon Sturges

Extension Activities

Flannelboard: “Calling All”
Fire! Fire! Emergency!
Someone is in trouble.
Calling all *blue fire trucks
Come on the double!
Spray the water,
Now the fire is out!
“Everyone is safe!”
We all shout.
Credit: Fun With Friends at Storytime

Action Song: “Hurry, Hurry Drive the Fire Truck”
Action Rhyme: “Hurry, Hurry”
Hurry, hurry, drive the fire truck (pretend to turn wheel)
Hurry, hurry, drive the fire truck (pretend to turn wheel)
Hurry, hurry, drive the fire truck (pretend to turn wheel)
Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding! (ring bell)
(Turn the corner (lean over to one side, then the other), climb the ladder (pretend to climb), spray the water (pretend to spray a hose).)
Credit: Childhood

Fingerplay: “Five Brave Firefighters”
Five brave firefighters
Sleeping in a row
Ring goes the bell
And down one goes….
Credit: Read, Rhyme, and Sing


This template came from KidsSoup! I am lucky enough that I took pictures as most of the families arrived and had a co-worker print up their pictures, ready for crafts after all the stories! The kids loved having their photos on their firefighters and gleefully danced around with them.

How It Went

Thursday morning & Friday morning
I bought Fire Chief hats for them. Do I really have to say what they thought of this theme? THEY GOT FIRE CHIEF HATS. Both groups really enjoyed “Firefighter Frank” which is a classic. (And I love Monica Wellington books something fierce.) And besides fire hats, the only thing that compares is firetrucks, which we have a lot of stuff about. All in all, I highly recommend doing this storytime!


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    […] Hurry, hurry, turn the corner (lean to the left/right) Hurry, hurry, climb the ladder (pretend to climb ladder) Hurry, hurry, squirt the water (pretend to spray hose) Slowly, slowly, back to the station (lean slowly left/right) Source: Storytime Katie […]

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