The Plan



Anton Can Do Magic by Ole Konnecke
Foxy by Emma Dodd
Magic Box by Katie Cleminson
Maisy’s Show by Lucy Cousins

Extension Activities

Flannelboard: “Five Magic Rabbits”
Five magic rabbits in a tall black hat
Along comes a magician who gives each one a pat
He waves his magic wand high above their ears,
Abracadabra, poof! One rabbit disappears (count down)
Credit: Youth Literature

Action Rhyme: “Magic Finger”
Magic finger in the air
Magic finger in my hair
Magic finger on my hip
Magic finger on my lips
Credit: Youth Literature

Magic Trick: Bubble Wand

Magic Trick: Color Changing Scarf

Rhyme & Puppets: “Hat Trick”
Magic, magic, in my hat!
I’ll pull out a rabbit – (pull anything other than a rabbit)
Ahhhh! What is that?!
(repeat until ready for the rabbit)
Magic, magic, in my hat!
I’ll pull out a rabbit –
See! Look at that!
Credit: SLC Book Boy


I modified this craft from Best Kids Book Site to make it a puppet so that the kids could “pop” their rabbit up out of their hat. As an extra special bonus, I let the kids have glitter which is always storytime magic.

How It Went

Holy moly, this was one of my favorite ever storytimes! The magic tricks made storytime extra special and I wish I had thought of a few more to include. (The bubble wand trick was just that I was using a bubble wand as my magic wand the whole storytime and then all of a sudden, Miss Katie made BUBBLES come out of the wand!! Genius.) The best books were “Maisy’s Show” and “Magic Box.” The kids freaked out in the best way possible when I brought out glitter. All in all, this storytime will remain a favorite for a long time to come!


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