The Plan



Bear’s Loose Tooth by Karma Wilson
Brush, Floss, Rinse by Amanda Doering Tourville
Clarabella’s Teeth by An Vrombaut
Maisy, Charley, and the Wobbly Tooth by Lucy Cousins

Extension Activities

Flannelboard: “Go Away, Big Green Monster”

Flannelboard: “Tooth Fairy”
Look and see, look and see
Can you find the tooth for me?
Is it under the (color) pillow?
Credit: SLC Book Boy

Fingerplay: “Five Little Teeth”
There were five little teeth in my teeny tiny mouth
I pulled and I twisted and one popped out
Now there are…one, two, three, four.
(count down)
Credit: What Happens In Storytime

Song: “This Is The Way”
This is the way we brush our teeth,
Brush our teeth, brush our teeth
This is the way we brush our teeth
So early in the morning
(floss our teeth, rinse our teeth)
Credit: Modified from Childhood


These smiling cotton ball teeth were found on Kiboomu Kids Crafts. The cotton balls in craft were a great textile experience for the little ones. And I got to use up a lot of our cotton balls!

How It Went

Since I discovered “Clarabella’s Teeth” in alligator/crocodile storytime, I’ve wanted to use it every week! Needless to say, I found another theme to do — teeth! While their parents definitely appreciated the important message of dental hygiene care, the kids just had fun!

3 comments on “Teeth!

  1. thelibliz
    January 15, 2016 at 11:06 am #

    Hi Katie,

    The link for the craft is dead, so I was wondering if you have a picture or description of the craft you did. I love your blog and refer to it often as I craft my plans. Thank you!


  1. Teeth | Sunflower Storytime - April 3, 2014

    […] Credit: Storytime Katie […]

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