Kids Art: Dr. Seuss

For the program, I started off by reading my very favorite Dr. Seuss book, which is the classic “Green Eggs and Ham.” Ideally, I would have like to have feed them green eggs and ham, but we’re only allowed pre-packaged food or food that we prepare in the library. The kids really enjoyed chanting the refrain along with me, and I still think it is one of the few Dr. Seuss books that work in a storytime setting.

After the book, the kids went to the table and began painting the hats of the Dr. Seuss craft that I had found at Brilliant Beginnings Preschool, via Pinterest.

The kids had a great time painting their hats. I used clothespins with sponges cut into small squares as our paintbrushes. This (mostly) cut down on the mess.

While we waited for our hats to dry before assembling, we met back up on the storytime rug to play two games: Build-a-Lorax flannelboard and One Fish Two Fish fishing. (I bought a set of One Fish Two Fish cut-outs at Michaels, laminated them, and attached magnets. We already have a fishing set, so this was a super simple insta-game that the kids went CRAZY for.)

And then, we returned to assemble our Cat in the Hats. The hats were almost completely dry and the moms around just blotted the paint that was still too wet. This was a fun way for the littlest kids to participate in our “Celebrate Seuss” week, and I had a lot of positive responses (especially to the craft) that ensures that I’ll likely do this program again someday!

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