Toddlers: Colors

For more information on how I plan and prepare my toddler storytimes, check out this introduction post. And for a complete list of the repeating extension activities, visit this post. I starred the materials used in the plan; multiple stars indicate use for more than one session.

The Plan



Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr.***
Edible Colors by Jennifer Vogel Bass
Little Green Peas by Keith Baker*
Monsters Love Colors by Mike Austin**

Early Literacy Tip
When you enjoy a book, let your child know that you like it and why. Sharing your enjoyment gives them a positive attitude towards books which will influence them when they get to school and learn to read.

Theme Extension Activities

Featured CD: Rock and Roll Garden***

Featured Track: #6 Colors

Flannelboard: “Lunch”***

Repeating Extension Activities

  • The Elevator Song***
  • Everyone Can March*
  • Popcorn Kernels***
  • This Is Big, Big, Big***
  • We Wave Our Scarves Together***

How It Went

Monday morning (9:30)
Today was Week Seven of Seven for our fall session. In other words, I was a very sad panda because all of my storytime classes are done this week until JANUARY. I know that this it a good thing and will allow me to work on other projects (like my new Baby Bundles — Book Bundles for infants/early toddlers), but I will miss the kids. This storytime was wonderful. I got to see so many great journeys: a child who has struggled to engage sitting next to the flannelboard waiting for the next piece to be placed, another friend who stayed close to their caregiver for most of the weeks jumped into the bubble group this morning, and so many caregivers left the room with confidence in their own teachings. I loved ending today on Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? because everyone read it chorally, cementing our group one last time.

Thursday morning (9:30)
This morning’s group had several guests with it — grandparents, other caregivers, and a brand new two-week old baby! We had a full house for our last session. Their favorite book was definitely Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?. I will remember the wonderful smiles that the kids gave me this week. So many of my friends have opened up and become comfortable in our space. I am very much looking forward to the next session.

Thursday morning (10:30)
My most active storytime group loved Monsters Love Colors and acting out the mixing of colors. I had quite a few friends come right up to the book to wiggle and dance with me. This group has really mastered the scarves! When I said it was time to pull out the scarves, I had a whole crew of little ones waiting to get their own scarf. Afterwards, they gleefully participated and absolutely loved throwing their scarves into the air! We finished up in record time and I was actually able to pull out the Song Cube for them, so we sang “Itsy Bitsy Spider”.

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