Parenting Packs: First Trip on an Airplane


For an overview of the Book Bundles and Parenting Packs early literacy kits, please visit the original post. The cost listed is the list price of each item, regardless of whether or not we got it on sale/discount. The activity sheets and resource guide amount was calculated by cost of binder clip + lamination sheets.


Itemized List

  • Carrying Tote ($15.99) — The Container Store
  • Flight 1-2-3 by Maria van Lieshout ($14.99) — Baker & Taylor
  • Hello Airplane! by Bill Cotter ($16.99) — Baker & Taylor
  • Planes by Byron Barton ($7.99) — Baker & Taylor
  • Travel with Children by Lonely Planet ($21.99) — Baker & Taylor
  • Doodle Pro Travel by Fisher-Price (2) ($23.98) — Amazon
  • Little People Wheelies ($17.98) — Amazon
  • Vinyl Bag ($2.99) — The Container Store
  • Activity Sheets & Resource Guide ($3.00) — created in-house

Total: $125.90

The books for the kids: Flight 1-2-3 was, at the time, the only book that detailed the airport experience as it is now by including security checkpoints. Many of the older titles do not include this step. Hello Airplane! really captured what a child might see when looking out the window. Planes by Byron Barton is a classic and has a lot of really good airport vocabulary.

For caregivers, I chose Travel With Children. This book doesn’t really address being on an airplane, but it does have travel tips for travelling with children. And it also covers both domestic and international travel with a page on each state or country.

I wanted toys that were small enough to be used on an airplane if the caregiver wanted to bring them along. I chose the Doodle Pro travel because it’s a drawing tool that’s self-contained and won’t cause a mess on a plane. And I made sure to include two of them for families with multiple children. I also wanted to include some planes that could be used in dramatic play.

It’s the end of May and the First Trip on an Airplane Parenting Pack has gone out 8 times since launching at the end of November! This is our most popular single Parenting Pack (technically all Potty Training Packs are most popular if you add up their circulations together).

2 comments on “Parenting Packs: First Trip on an Airplane

  1. Jaclyn Hoimes
    July 28, 2017 at 8:06 pm #

    Hi there! I regularly check out your blog for storytime ideas but my library is applying for grants for parenting packs like you’ve detailed above. They’re great! Would you be willing to share the activity guides and resource list for the parenting packs? TIA.

    • Katie
      September 11, 2017 at 10:06 am #

      The activity guides and resource lists have examples on the Overview page. I am not sharing everything as it belongs to my library. Thank you for understanding.

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