Siblings: Play

For more information on how I plan and prepare my siblings storytimes, check out this introduction post. I starred the materials used in the plan. Some activities go unstarred because I only do this program once a week.

The Plan



Higher Higher by Leslie Patricelli (Board)*
Not a Box by Antoninette Portis
Where is Tippy Toes? by Betsy Lewis*

Early Literacy Tip
Singing games and playing music in groups encourages social responsiveness. Such activities also help your child learn to feel comfortable in a group setting.

Theme Extension Activities

Featured CD: Kids In the City*

Flannelboard: “The Shape Game”*

Puppets: “There’s Something in the Garden”

Bounce: “A Smooth Road”
A smooth road, a smooth road, a smooth road, a smooth road (bounce baby gently)
A bumpy road, a bumpy road, a bumpy road, a bumpy road (bounce baby faster)
A rough road, a rough road, a rough road, a rough road (bounce baby faster)
A hole! (drop baby gently between your knees)
Credit: Co-worker

Lift: “Icka Bicka Soda Cracker”*
Icka bicka soda cracker, icka bicka boo
Icka bicka soda cracker, up goes you! (lift baby)
Icka bicka soda cracker, icka bicka boo
Icka bicka soda cracker, I love you! (hugs and kisses)
Credit: Co-worker

Partnering: “These Are Baby’s Fingers”*
Toddlers were asked to first find baby’s fingers, toes, and belly button. Then they touched each body part during the rhyme and ended with a tickle for baby and a tickle from caregiver to toddler.
These are baby’s fingers (touch fingers)
These are baby’s toes (touch toes)
This is baby’s belly button (touch stomach)
Round and round it goes! (tickle)
Credit: Co-worker

Repeating Extension Activities

  • Clap Your Hands
  • Open, Shut Them
  • Thumbkin

How It Went

I really love using Higher, Higher in storytime, but particularly with babies and toddlers. The story is great for toddlers because it’s a “What do you see?” search and it’s fabulous for babies when you lift the baby up as you say “Higher, higher!” Our parents/caregivers really participate in the refrain and all of the giggling babies really make my day. During our second book, Where Is Tippy Toes?, I had almost all of the toddlers sitting at my feet waiting for me to turn the page. Since our second book is mostly for them, I didn’t mind at all!

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