Discovery!: Building


Another station activity for this week’s Discovery!. I decided to take the time to focus on building/engineering. I was really excited for this event since we have so many wonderful building kits and equipment at the library.

(We’re in the process of developing circulating kits, so I was able to use the materials from these kits for this program.)

I put out the following materials: Legos, Duplos, Megablocks, wooden blocks, Castlelogix, Jenga, Gears Gears Gears!, Goldieblocks, playing cards, clay (ModelMagic), Tangrams, and a paper/pencil station.

While the kids loved lots of different parts of this program, my favorite part was reading “Dreaming Up” by to them. “Dreaming Up” is one of the Monarch nominees (our state’s K-3rd award) and I had the pleasure of serving on the committee. It was really exciting to share one of our choices with the kids.

I had a lot of great feedback from this event. Several of my kids picked a station and stayed there for most of the time. One little boy spent his time mastering the Gears Gears Gears station. Another family spent their time at the pencil/paper station and drew house plans and cotton candy factories. But the biggest hit was the Lego station. One parent remarked that if the library had an all-day Lego program that the kids would never leave!

A Pinterest friendly picture for you:

2 comments on “Discovery!: Building

  1. Jane Whittingham
    July 30, 2015 at 11:42 am #

    Our SRC theme this year is “Build It”, so this program would fit in quite nicely around here!

    • Katie
      September 16, 2015 at 2:27 pm #


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