Babies: Things That Go

For more information on how I plan and prepare my baby storytimes, check out this introduction post. And for a complete list of the baby rhymes/bounces/lifts/etc., visit this post. I starred the materials used in the plan; multiple stars indicate use for more than one session.

The Plan

For baby time, my library passes out individual copies of board books to each caregiver/child pair. I typically keep two or three to the side of me in case a baby tries to grab my copy. I read face out; caregivers read to their children.


Faster Faster by Leslie Patricelli**
Freight Train by Donald Crews*
Trucks by Byron Barton*

Early Literacy Tip

Children learn best from their parents/caregivers — you are your child’s first teacher!

Flannelboard: Shape Game

I hid a car from my car set. One little boy really enjoyed it because “car” is one of his words! It was a sweet chorus of “car, car, car, car” for a few minutes there.

Repeating Extension Activities

  • Cheek Chin**
  • I Bounce You Here*
  • Pizza, Pickle, Pumpernickel*
  • Row, Row, Row Your Boat**
  • A Smooth Road**
  • This Little Train**

How It Went

Tuesday morning
I had eighteen baby and caregiver pairs this morning. SO MANY BABIES. Some days, with a crowd like this, it’s best to just keep everyone moving. We did a lot more activities and I played three songs off of the Wiggleworms CD to keep the group up and dancing.

Thursday morning
I actually have no write-up for this group. Summer time, am I right?

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