Babies: Rhymes

For more information on how I plan and prepare my baby storytimes, check out this introduction post. And for a complete list of the baby rhymes/bounces/lifts/etc., visit this post. I starred the materials used in the plan; multiple stars indicate use for more than one session.

The Plan

For baby time, my library passes out individual copies of board books to each caregiver/child pair. I typically keep two or three to the side of me in case a baby tries to grab my copy. I read face out; caregivers read to their children.


Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin Jr.
Pat-a-Cake by Kenyon
Rain, Rain Go Away by Caroline Jayne Church

Early Literacy Tip

Singing often breaks up syllables by assigning them different notes which makes them easier to hear.

Flannelboard: Shape Game

I hid a cat wearing a hat underneath. The cat is from my Farm Pack and the hat is from Froggy Gets Dressed.

Repeating Extension Activities

  • Cheek Chin*
  • Open, Shut Them*
  • Round & Round the Garden**
  • Tick, Tock**
  • Wake Up Toes**

How It Went

Tuesday morning
Since this was the second session of baby storytime for me, I had one little boy who stood and waited at the flannelboard for me to come in and play The Shape Game. Our board book version of “Pat-a-Cake” tripped everyone up since it doesn’t do the rhyme that our caregivers were familiar with.

Thursday morning
One of my favorite classes ever! We spent the five minutes or so before class officially started sharing what the babies had learned since the last time I saw them. So many babies learned to sit, crawl, or walk. But one father had to demonstrate his child’s skill. He learned animal noises (cow, sheep) and also what Michael Jackson says, “Ow!” It was pretty darn cute.

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