Storytime Essentials: Opening & Closing Songs


Since I started doing storytime, I’ve done a few different opening/closing songs before I finally settled on the ones at my old library: “Clap and Say Hello!” and “We Wave Goodbye Like This”.

In the past, I’ve done “Here, Here” and “Mr. Sun” for opening songs and mostly the “ABCs” for closing.

At my new library, I wanted to try something different! Since I was doing Toddler Storytime, I wanted a song that I could repeat for as long as I needed depending on the energy of the group. And my other thought was that I wanted a song that was available on CD so that the rest of my team could play the song if for whatever reason (like PLA/ALA) that I can’t be there. I first read about the song on Kendra’s blog Read Sing Play and found this video from King County Library System to learn it.

As for my closing song, I wanted something short and it wound up that the rhyme “Tickle the Clouds” worked out the very best for me and for my group.

The reason I think opening and closing songs/activities are so essential is that they create a framework for your storytime, encourage repetition, and set-up a routine for your patrons to recognize.

3 comments on “Storytime Essentials: Opening & Closing Songs

  1. KatiB
    January 20, 2015 at 7:47 am #

    I use ‘If You Want To Hear a Story’ as my opening song for storytime. It’s sung to ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It.’ I change up the activites we do (clap hands, shout hooray, spin around) and can stretch it for a long as we need. It also provides structure and the kids are familiar with it…they just don’t know what actions we’ll be doing!! šŸ™‚


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