Picture Book City: Neighborhood List & Info Sheet


That moment when you’re cleaning out your draft section and you realized that you never finished a series? Yeah, that’s this post right here. This was supposed to be a short post anyways, too!

The official list of Picture Book City neighborhoods:

  • Bedtime
  • Celebrations
  • Concepts (Streets: 123s, ABCs, Colors, Opposites, Shapes, Size, Time
  • Fairy & Folk Tales
  • Favorites (Streets: Awards)
  • Growing Up (Streets: Baby, Family, Feelings, Health, Jobs, Loss, Manners, School
  • Nature (Streets: Bugs, Dinosaurs, Farm, Forest, Ocean, Pets, Seasons, Zoo
  • Rhymes & Songs
  • Stories (Streets: Libraries, Monsters, Pirates)
  • Transportation (Streets: Cars, Con, Truck)

For further information on Picture Book City, check out these documents I wrote/made for patrons and staff:

Patron Information — This is still out in the department for parents to take. It is a document holder I’m constantly refilling since patrons are still taking it a year after PBC was finished!

Picture Book City Training Manual — This is what I wrote for our Tech Services department and for our Pages. It’s also been used to train new staff members in Reference as well.

I will finish this series in the next month (March) with an update about the section after a year and information about doing Picture Book City in Spanish!

3 comments on “Picture Book City: Neighborhood List & Info Sheet

  1. Katelyn
    November 7, 2019 at 5:29 pm #

    How’s this going 5 years out? I’m currently considering options for our picture books. Question #2: Do you include nonfiction picture books within these sections or do they have a different location?

    • Katie
      January 7, 2020 at 9:36 am #

      Hi Katelyn,

      I left that library about six months after the project was done. From what I can see in their catalog, a lot of things are the same but some changes have been made (like creating an animal area). Non-fiction picture books were kept in that area at the time of the introduction. I’m not sure about now. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!


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