In Case You Missed It


(Or as this installment should be known, Katie continues to go through starred posts in Google Reader from the last two months since Google Reader is leaving us, and is absolutely determined to not let this happen again no matter what.)

    Books & Collection

  • 3.27.13 Amy asks a question about weeding: is it better to have *something* rather than outdated information? Great comments here, too.
  • 4.3.13 Abby in her monthly ALSC blog reminds us that summer is super close and NOW is the time to stock up on our popular series so that we’re ready for Summer Reading.

    Libraries & Librarianship

  • 3.25.13 Anne shows up how a minor tweak in how she shelves kits at her old library can make a big difference!
  • 3.25.13 Sarah talks about feeling out of her depth when visiting a bike shop earlier in the week. (Don’t worry, things worked out for her!) Are our patrons feeling the same way about libraries?

    Kids Programming

  • 3.26.13 Mollie did one of my very favorite programs that we do annually in my library, Life-Sized Candyland! At the end, Mollie talks about what she learned and what you absolutely need to run this program yourself.
  • 3.27.13 Amy gives you every tool you need to make sure that your next Star Wars party is rocking the library! And I can second her recommendation of contact the 501st Legion; our volunteers at our library were amazing and are STILL talked about three years later. “Miss Katie, remember the STORM TROOPER who used OUR COMPUTERS?”
  • 4.9.13 Sara has embraced the word “Makerspaces” and is pressing on with some awesome activities for kids using LEGOS.


  • 3.20.13 Kendra breaks down Parachute Play for our youngest patrons — babies and toddlers! A great post to read, with tons of song and rhymes suggestions.
  • 3.21.13 Melissa made me want to run out to Target and buy a small rug immediately after she introduced the Blue Carpet No Fly Zone rule in her storytime. If you have had issues with parents knowing when to grab their kid or with little ones standing right in front of you, blocking everyone else’s view — get thee a blue carpet. (Or whatever color you like best!)
  • 3.25.13 Kendra responds to several Baby Storytime tours by giving us a tour of her own space! I love the magnetic wall.
  • 3.27.13 Melissa responds about singing and using CDs in storytime and really gave me a lot to think about. (Last week, I used recorded music in my storytimes for the FIRST TIME EVER because of her post!) Also, make sure to check out the comments section where the discussion continues.
  • 3.30.13 Sarah, in a guest blog for the ALSC blog, wrote up a fabulous post all about her Caldecott storytimes this spring. I love this idea and think that it is a phenomenal way to introduce kids to award-winning books!
  • 4.4.13 Anna gives a great overview about using scarves in storytime!

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