The Plan



The First Day of Winter by Denise Fleming
A Really Good Snowman by Daniel J. Mahoney
Snowballs by Lois Ehlert
Snowmen at Night: The Pop-Up Book by Caralyn Buehner

Extension Activities

Flannelboard: “Five Little Snowman Riding on a Sled”

Flannelboard: “Make-a-Snowman”

Action Rhyme: I Built a Snowman
I built a little snowman (make large circle with arms)
He had a carrot nose (point to nose)
Along came a bunny (hold up to bent fingers)
And what do you suppose? (shrug)
That hungry little bunny (make bunny again)
Looking for his lunch (hop bunny around)
Ate the snowman’s nose (pretend bunny is eating nose)
Nibble! Nibble! Crunch! (pretend to be eating a carrot)
Credit: Everything Preschool

Fingerplay: “Five Little Snowmen”
Five little snowmen standing in a row,
Standing straight and tall in the deep, cold snow.
Out came the sun, shining bright and hot all day,
And one little snowman melted away.
Credit: Not Just Cute

Song: “Frosty the Snowman”
Credit: Childhood


This was a simple craft — I had tons of cotton balls available for the kids to make a snow scene with. Some of them made snowmen, others covered their paper with snow, and a lot of them tossed the cotton balls around. I didn’t make a sample craft, but this was a hit for storytime!

How It Went

After a bizarre snowstorm hit Illinois at the beginning of the month, I ditched my storytime plan (pushed it back a week) and grabbed the snow books that were recently returned. The biggest hit was “The First Day of Winter,” which I sang. The extension activities were fun, and everyone joined in during “Frosty!”


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