New Books In Picture Book City


Besides the obvious re-cataloging going on, I’m still purchasing new books. As they arrive in the library, I now have the task of reading each book and deciding where it will go in our neighborhoods.

Messy desk, with books in process!

Messy desk, with books in process!

When new books arrive, I take them back to my desk and read the, to figure out where they will go. It’s a bit of a messy process as you can see from the picture!

If I have trouble deciding where the book will go, I do look in our catalog and see what subject headings have been assigned. (Since we’re a part of a large consortium, it is rare that we are the first library to receive any title.) Sometimes that helps and sometimes it confuses me even more!

The biggest problem that I’ve come across is when I want to be a book into two different neighborhoods. Larger libraries would have the option of buying a second copy, but with $1000 for picture books for the year, I don’t always have the option. So I’ve been keeping a wishlist of titles that I would like doubles of if I can get them/afford them.

After I decide where the books are going, I make the labels and take them back to Tech Services where they then get barcoded and added to the catalog.

Next week, come back for a look at how the books appear in our catalog and a status update on how complete the project is after a full month of working on it!

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