Growing Readers: Alphabet Puzzles

growingreaderspngAt “Growing Readers” storytime, I lead a group storytime filled with literacy activities for the first half hour of the program. Afterwards, the kids go to activity tables staffed by teen volunteers to play and do more activities. Each storytime has five different activity tables. I spend my time floating around and talking to parents/caregivers about early literacy. Through the table activities (and my guidance), I hope that parents learn tips on how to work with their young readers and how literacy is so much more than just reading. The kids just see the activities as fun!

Table Activity: Alphabet Puzzles
Every Child Ready to Read Skill: Playing

At this table, I put out all 26 puzzles and mixed up the letters. Kids and parents worked together to sort them out again. Puzzles were purchased at Lakeshore Learning.


This table was especially nice because I had a lot of parent/child interaction here. Parents were really sounding out letters to help their kids match up the puzzle pieces correctly. Also, I thought this was a great low-key activity compared to some of our more high-energy tables!

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