Letter W!

The Plan


Alistair and Kip’s Great Adventure by John Segal
The First Day of Winter by Denise Fleming
Maisy’s Wonderful Weather Book by Lucy Cousins
One Watermelon Seed by Celia Barker Lottridge
Whistle for Willie by Ezra Jack Keats

Extension Activities

Flannelboard Puzzle: “Letter W”

Flannelboard: “Watermelon Counting”

Flannelboard & Song: “What’s the Weather?” (Tune: Clementine)
What’s the weather, what’s the weather,
What’s the weather, everyone?
Is it windy, is it cloudy,
Is there rain, or is there sun?

Action Song: “Winter Hokey Pokey”
You put your mitten in, you take your mitten out
You put your boots in, you take your boots out
You put your hat in, you take your hat out
You put your coat in, you take your coat out

Song: “Baby Beluga”

Song: “Watermelon Patch Song”
Watermelon, watermelon (make a circle with arms)
On the vine, on the vine (wiggle arms)
Sweet and red and juicy, sweet and red and juicy (rub tummy)
Please be mine! Please be mine! (palms together, pleading)


Another storytime craft brought to you by Pinterest, originally from Blissfully Domestic! I had the teen volunteers pre-cut and pre-glue these, the kids at daycare colored them in. These crafts were IMMEDIATELY hung up in their classroom and the kids kept checking the window to see if the weather had changed so they could move their clothespin, haha!

How It Went

You want to know how to wow a group? Bring out a pop-up or action book. The kids sat awestruck when “Maisy’s Wonderful Weather Book” was pulled out. I had to do the actions three or four times before they were ready to move on to the next page. Also, the kids loved telling me how wrong I was when I was doing the watermelon match-ups!


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