Letter N!

The Plan


Just How Long Can a Long String Be? by Keith Baker
Not Me! by Nicola Killen
Nuts to You! by Lois Ehlert
One, Two, Buckle My Shoe by Jane Cabrera
Whose Nose and Toes? by John Butler

Extension Activities

Flannelboard: “The Napping House”

Flannelboard Puzzle: “Letter N”

Action Rhyme: “On My Face”
On my face I have a nose,
And way down here I have ten toes.
I have two eyes that I can blink.
I have a head to help me think.
I have a chin, and very near,
I have two ears to help me hear.
I have a mouth with which to speak,
And when I run, I use my feet.
Here are arms to hold up high,
And here’s a hand to wave goodbye.
Credit: King County Library System

Fingerplay: “Five Little Nails”
Five little nails, standing straight and steady
Here I come with my hammer ready!
Bam, bam, bam! That nail goes down.
Now there’s just four nails left to pound.
(count down)
Credit: Mel’s Desk

Fingerplay: “This Little Squirrel”
This little squirrel said, “Let’s run and play!”
This little squirrel said, “Let’s hunt nuts today!”
This little squirrel said, “Yes, nuts are good.”
This little squirrel said, “Yes, my favorite food.”
This little squirrel said, “Come, climb this tree.” (run fingers up other arm, quickly)
And crack these nuts: one, two, three! (clap hand three times)
Credit: Sunflower Storytime


I made this craft up, based on the book “Just How Long Can a Long String Be?” I had the kids color a bird and then we glued down ripped paper and string to make a bird’s nest. The kids had a ton of fun ripping up the paper, but they did have some difficultly gluing down the string.

How It Went

I made a grave mistake in this storytime — I did not check our copy of “One, Two” since I had read it before in storytime. We were missing not one, but two pages, so I had to make up the rhymes on the spot. The biggest hit of storytime was “Five Little Nails” since it’s such a noisy one! Their favorite book was probably “Whose Nose and Toes?”


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