Flannel Friday: Mittens

Another inspired by Flannel Friday post — this idea originally came from Mary, but I know that Library Quine and Shawn have done some of their own as well. (And probably other people — apologies if I missed you! Leave a comment and I’ll edit the post!)

I used this set in “Snow” storytime (post upcoming, I promise!) to great success. I had 21 kids at this storytime, so I did wind up having to hand out both sets. I had kids come up as I called “green mitten with star” or “blue mitten with heart” and they found their matches. A lot of my young kids needed help with the clothespins, so I did that part for them.

As for the mitten template, I used an Ellison die-cut since I knew I would be making forty mittens! The shapes I just made in a Publisher document and printed them out so they were consistent.

Melissa is hosting the round-up this week and is the founder of Flannel Friday! Anne also has the archive and schedule of who is hosting Flannel Friday.

And you can also follow the Flannel Friday Pinterest account. And Flannel Friday has its own Facebook page! If you participate in Flannel Friday, Melissa has a button if you want to link up to us here.

7 comments on “Flannel Friday: Mittens

  1. Melissa Depper (@MelissaZD)
    January 20, 2012 at 9:27 pm #

    Every time I see someone adapt this, I move it a little higher on my list of things to make myself! Seeing all those mitten pairs is really, really visually satisfying and I love how you combined the shapes and the colors! Plus pinching clothespins or eyedroppers or tweezers is GREAT for kids’ fine motor development!


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