Flannel Friday: 7/8 Round-Up

Welcome to the Flannel Friday round-up for this week! It’s another wonderful selection of flannelboards and flannelboard ideas for everyone to borrow/steal and make their own! And now, on to the participants:

Flannel: Colour Fish
from Andrea at Rovingfiddlehead Kidlit

Flannel: Lunch by Denise Fleming
from Anne at So Tomorrow

Flannel: Ouch!
from Cate at Storytiming

Flannel: Three Melting Popsicles
from Katie at Storytime Secrets

Flannel: Matching Mittens
from Mary at Miss Mary Liberry

Flannel: Blue Is the Sky
from Melissa at Mel’s Desk

Flannel: Campfire Pokey
from Mollie at What Happens In Storytime

Flannel: Little Mouse, Little Mouse
from Moxie at Storytimes With Moxie

Flannel (Folder Story): Scat the Cat
from Nicole at Narrating Tales of Preschool Storytime

Flannel: Little Boy Blue
From Sarah at Read Rabbit Read

Flannel: Sam’s Sandwich
from Sharon at Rain Makes Applesauce

Flannel: Cat’s Midsummer Jamboree
from Tracey at 1234 More Storytimes

And I posted my version of “The Three Little Kittens” here.

If I missed you this week, leave a comment on this entry or tweet me with your link. Next week, I believe that Andrea is hosting Flannel Friday, and as always you can look up all past Flannel Fridays at Anne’s blog, So Tomorrow.

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