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Picture Book City: Neighborhood List & Info Sheet

That moment when you’re cleaning out your draft section and you realized that you never finished a series? Yeah, that’s this post right here. This was supposed to be a short post anyways, too! The official list of Picture Book City neighborhoods: Bedtime Celebrations Concepts (Streets: 123s, ABCs, Colors, Opposites, Shapes, Size, Time Fairy &

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ALSC: Picture Book City in Spanish!

While I’ve posted a lot about Picture Book City here on Storytime Katie, I did a post at the ALSC blog all about the Spanish version of Picture Book City, now completed at my library!

Picture Book City: More Signs

My “next week” got pushed back quite a bit given the stress of Summer Reading Program preparation, and then I got to participate in the amazing “Show Me the Awesome” initiative! But I’m back with more information about Picture Book City! This time, with several more pictures of signs in the neighborhoods. I love using

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Signs in Picture Book City

One of my biggest concerns and thoughts about re-organizing the picture book was that I really wanted to make it very clear to patrons that this change was about them being able to find their own materials. To help them in that endeavor, I knew that we needed to put up lots and lots of

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Picture Book City: Catalog

This post is LONG overdue, but as soon as I had written it, we had to change everything in the catalog and start over! There were a lot of questions about how we were going to display the call numbers in the catalog. We are very lucky that we have almost complete autonomy on what

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New Books In Picture Book City

Besides the obvious re-cataloging going on, I’m still purchasing new books. As they arrive in the library, I now have the task of reading each book and deciding where it will go in our neighborhoods. When new books arrive, I take them back to my desk and read the, to figure out where they will

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Favorites Neighborhood in Picture Book City

Our biggest section in Picture Book City is and will likely continue to be the Favorites section. It’s where we are putting all those popular characters like Dora the Explorer and Disney. So far it’s been the easiest section to determine and doesn’t require a ton of input from me since we already shelved our

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Parenting Section, the 100s, and Picture Book City

In this installment, I’m going to be talking about the difficulties in moving some non-fiction into Picture Book City. For the most part, integrating non-fiction into the subject categories was a really easy thing to do. Animals? Straight into Nature. Community Helpers? Growing Up / Jobs. Fairy tales, nursery rhymes, songs, everything had a place.

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Labeling in Picture Book City

This week, I’m talking labels and re-cataloging! Since we had decided to merge two collection (J-E FIC and J-E Non-Fic), we needed to come up with a brand-new way to do the labels for the new neighborhoods. Already, we had decided to list full neighborhood and a street on the label, with a slash in-between

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Welcome to Picture Book City!

Last year, around this time, my Circulation/Technical Services Manager approached me about something she had recently learned about a meeting — organizing picture book by subjects. She wanted to know my thoughts on it. I told her that it seemed like a good idea to me and that I knew a few neighboring libraries had

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