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ALSC: Play in the Library!


Yesterday, I posted over at the ALSC blog about an easy way to incorporate play in the library. Also, you can see a picture of part of my new library!

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ALSC: Process & Product Art In Storytime

Yesterday, I posted over at the ALSC blog about a hot storytime debate — process vs. product art in storytime. I tried to have a balanced approach, so let me know what you’re thinking!

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ALSC: Sickness & Storytime

I’m answering a timely question over at the ALSC blog today — what do you do when you are sick and it’s time for storytime to begin?

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ALSC: So You Want to Make Flannelboards

One of my most favorite posts that I’ve ever written is this month’s ALSC blog post on making flannelboards. I’ve got a ton of resources listed and though I couldn’t list every resource, I tried to get a good variety! Click on through to check it out!

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ALSC: Props in Storytime!

Over at the ALSC blog, I’m talking about using props in storytime. Also, I’m debuting my newest prop — a song cube!

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ALSC: All By Ourselves

What do you do when only one child shows up for storytime? I’ve got some ideas over at the ALSC blog to make that potential disaster into a success!

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ALSC: Over the Rainbow!

Last spring, I tried a brand-new kind of programming, with activity stations! Yesterday, I wrote up a summary for the ALSC blog — check it out!

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ALSC: School Days!

Looking for resources to share with families about school? Over at the ALSC blog, I’ve got a whole slew of school books to keep your eyes out for!

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ALSC: Series Books In Storytime

After ALA Annual, I saw a lot of new series books that are coming out and it got me thinking — do you use series books in storytime? Let me know in the comments over at the ALSC blog!

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ALSC: Summer Reading Decorations

This month at the ALSC blog, I posted pictures of the decorations in my storytime room for summer reading! Click on over to see what my school tours made to leave behind for the summer!

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