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Flannel Friday: Five Pretty Sandcastles

I am thinking of the beach today, yes I am. And flashing back to a flannelboard I used in Dirt, Sand, & Mud storytime.

I used a clip-art image (available here) as a pattern to make my sandcastles. The flags are held up with a flat craft stick, in a removable felt pouch just in case I wanted to use this flannelboard with younger kids.

The rhyme and inspiration came from Katie of Storytime Secrets:

Five pretty sandcastles standing on the shore,
The tide came in (whoosh!) and then there were four.
Four pretty sandcastles standing by the sea,
The tide came in (whoosh!) and then there were three.
Three pretty sandcastles standing by the ocean blue,
The tide came in (whoosh!) and then there were two.
Two pretty sandcastles standing in the sun,
The tide came in (whoosh!) and then there was one.
One pretty sandcastle just out of reach,
The tide came in (whoosh!) but it stayed on the beach!

The kids really enjoyed when we whooshed and waved our arms at the flannel. I’m pretty sneaky and managed to snatch the sandcastles away quickly enough that I had one small person tell that the whoosh was magic.

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Flannel Friday: Dragon/Dino Puppets

I made these cute little dragons from



To me, they also totally look like dinosaurs. I chose not to make the popsicle flames just because trying to handle that many pieces in toddler time doesn’t sound super thrilling to me.

I plan on using these with a modified “Two Little Blackbirds.”

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Flannel Friday: Five Dancing Ballerinas

Once upon a time, I did a dance themed storytime. I found some clip art, laminated the ballerinas and went with it:


Three years later, I stumbled upon this pin on Pinterest which I immediately pinned and downloaded the template from Ei Menina! (The entire site is in Portuguese, but if you scroll down or search “bailarina” you’ll get to the template.)

And then, the Blackhawks made the playoffs this past spring. And I needed something to do while I “watched” the games since playoffs make me nervous. So I made these felt ballerinas to distract myself.


And I took some close-up, detail pictures too:



This is the rhyme that I used with this flannelboard:

“Five Dancing Ballerinas”
Five dancing ballerinas
Prancing on their toes
They twirl and spin and jump
Then off the stage she goes (count down)

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Flannel Friday Guest Post!


Welcome to Flannel Friday’s FOURTH Birthday celebration! Without further ado, I am so happy to have Melendra guest posting about a folder story that is going to rock everyone’s socks off!

My Many Colored Capes. . .Folder Story
Guest post by Melendra Sutliff Sanders

capes1My folder story is based on a flannel board script that I discovered recently from Carissa Christner. Since my library system is using the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) theme, “Every Hero Has a Story,” the script is perfect for our summer reading programs. However, I have a love of folder stories, and I thought this rhyme would be perfect in that format. For anyone who hasn’t used or seen a folder story, they are an easy alternative to flannel board stories. They are perfect for outreach because you don’t have to carry a flannel board to tell them and they are light.

capes2Now that I had a good superhero rhyme, I needed some art. Luckily, the CSLP materials come with clip art, and I found the perfect image. But, I wanted color, so I saved it into Paint and went to work. I had to make up my own skin color, but otherwise, I stuck with the pre-programmed colors in Paint. I did have to connect the dog’s back leg to his body in order to avoid recoloring all the background the same color as the dog.

capes3It ended up looking like this. I considered using more colors, but I wanted to stay sort of basic so the cape colors would pop more during the telling of the rhyme. Since the first cape color is red, I thought that was a good place to start. I printed the image on white cardstock because I will keep it on the front of the folder for the final piece. If I’m only using the image as a template, then I would print on paper to make cutting easier.

capes4The next step is cutting the holes in the folder. To do this, I start out by taping the image to the front of a regular file folder using permanent double-sided tape. One trick I’ve learned is that I don’t want to cut through the tape, so I make sure that I’m placing the tape in the center of what will be cut out—to hold the pieces in place and keep them from crumpling while I cut. If I plan to use the image on the completed folder (and not just as a pattern), I also place tape around all the sections that I’m going to cut. This keeps the paper from moving while I cut out sections. If I plan to keep the image on the front of the folder, I use a lot of tape. Then using an Exact-o knife, I cut out all of the cape, both the black under section and the white top section. I left a black outline around the entire thing.

Once the folder is cut, I get my paper. First I print my script. I always modify the script so that the name of the color or pattern I’m talking about is printed in that color. This allows me to glance at the script rather than read it while I’m presenting. I also make the script font as large as I can while still keeping the story or rhyme fit on one sheet of paper. This allows me to tape the script to the back of the folder instead of having to keep it separately. This keeps them from getting separated from each other, and it makes telling the folder story easier too.

capes5I always use construction paper or cardstock inside my folders to make the folder story more durable. I’ve also started putting tape tabs on the ends of the paper to make them easier to pull out as I recite the rhyme. The first sheet of paper has a tape tab at the bottom, the second sheet of paper has a tape tab that is a step above the first sheet’s tab. This helps me grab the right sheet of paper without having to look at the edge of the folder the entire time I’m presenting the folder story. I also tape the final sheet of paper to the back of the folder, no risk of accidentally pulling that last piece out!

capes6For this particular rhyme, the final sheet of paper needs to be rainbow colored. I don’t have any rainbow colored paper, so I found a rainbow clipart image in Publisher and printed out the page. Finally, I place all the pages inside the folder and tape one of the edges. There’s are two tricks to this too. 1) Although with the paper in the folder you have to be careful not to accidentally tape the pages, if it’s not in the folder the spacing can be off and it is hard to slide the paper in and out or get them to rest flush with the lower edge. 2) Test out to see which hand you are most comfortable holding the folder in and tape the side that is farther away from you. This ensures that you can easily hold the folder and pull the paper out comfortably.

Here’s the finished folder front and back.



Carissa Christner from Library Makers gave us permission to post the rhyme that she wrote: My Many Colored Capes.

If you have any questions, you can contact Melendra at msanders[at]nckls[dot]org

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Flannel Friday: Braille Counting/Match

When I was originally brainstorming for my Languages storytime, I wanted to incorporate as many languages as possible. While Braille isn’t classified as a language, but rather as a writing system (from my understanding), I still wanted to include it to talk to my kiddos about the different way people communicate.

To make this flannelboard, I used puffy paint to create the raised dots. I tried to use the same color puffy paint as I did for the matching felt number so that it was easier for the kiddos.

I passed out the numbers set and had the Braille set on the board. I asked if anyone had the number one and the child who did would (hopefully) come up and be able to run their hand over the Braille number one. And so forth. If I had had over ten kids at this storytime, I would have passed out all of the pieces. Then I would have asked the child with number one to come up and put it on the board. Then I would have asked if someone had a dot piece with hot pink paint. Both kids would then be able to touch the Braille piece for number one.

I used a posterboard set of numbers as my template for the numbers. Other than that, I freehanded black squares.

The kids were very excited to get to come up and pet the flannelboard (which is one of their favorite activities). And they did a great job matching the matches!

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Flannel Friday: Superheroes!

Up, up, and away! Superheroes!

I bought this clipart on Etsy from revidevi, which is one of my favorite clip art stores. I made sure to get clipart that had both female and male superheroes, and I really liked how preschool-like the kids were.

I used this in Superheroes storytime with the song “Ten Little Heroes” modified from a childhood song that I’m sure you all know and recognize:

One little, two little, three little heroes
Four little, five little, six little heroes
Seven little, eight little, nine little heroes
Ten heroes ready to fly!
(count down)

or you could use it with this fingerplay that I got from Jbrary:

Five superheroes ready to fly,
Here comes a villain. Stop that guy!
This superhero can save the day.
Off he/she flies – up, up, and away!

Either rhyme/song you chose, it will be sure to be an excellent time!

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Flannel Friday: Where Is Truck?

Today, I have a set of props to go with a Thumbkin piggyback song!


These are laminated pieces clipart, backed by construction paper. I’ve used these for years in different kinds of “things that go” storytimes. I had two of each card and hide them both behind my back as I sing:

Tune: Where is Thumbkin?
Where is pick-up truck? Where is pick-up truck?
Here I am. Here I am.
How are you today, sir? Very well, I thank you.
Drive away. Drive away.
(Tow truck, dump truck, moving truck, firetruck)

If I were making them now, I might choose instead to do a set with photographs so that kids could see the real trucks instead of the clipart ones.

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Flannel Friday: Counting Windows

Today’s Flannel Friday was inspired by Artistic Literacy — counting windows!


These are so versatile — you can use them every time you do a “Five Little Whatsits” rhyme.

Protip: Craft stores often sell felt letters as stickers. Use them to your advantage when making this set!

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Flannel Friday: Five Little Alligators

A quick laminated set of alligators for this Flannel Friday!


This was a clipart alligator and I just made five of him/her. I used this in Alligators & Crocodiles storytime, with this rhyme from Esther Storytimes:

One little alligator swimming in a pool
Another comes along and now there are two
Two little alligators swimming by a tree
Another comes along and now there are three
Three little alligators swimming near the shore
Another comes along and now there are four
Four little alligators swim, splash, and dive
Another comes along and now there are five
Five little alligators having lots of fun
Mama calls, “It’s time for bed!” and now the fun is done!

It occurs to me as I write this post that these could also potentially be crocodiles because I have no idea what the difference between the two animals are! Maybe the clipart will work for both.

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Flannel Friday Round-Up 1/30

This week’s round-up will be using a linking tool again! Though it is a thumbnail version on the site, you still need to click through to see it since I’m a hosted blog.

Borrowing instructions that Andrea shared: To share your Flannel Friday post, please click “Add Your Link” by the cute blue frog. Please enter the URL for your post rather than your website and label your post as “Post Name (Blog Name)” i.e. “Rockets! (Storytime Katie)”

If there are any tech problems, you are more than welcome to leave a link in the comments if the linking tool doesn’t work! I’m keeping the linking tool open until midnight on Friday (Central time) since it’s ALA Midwinter and we could all use a little extra time. Looking forward to everyone’s amazing submissions!

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