Letter X!

The Plan


A Fox: The Sound of X by Alice K. Flanagan
Max’s ABCs by Rosemary Wells
My Mom Has X-Ray Vision by Angela McAllister
Xavier Ox’s Xylophone Experiment by Barbara deRubertis

Extension Activities

Flannelboard: “X-Rays Matching”

Flannelboard Puzzle: “Letter X”

Action Rhyme: “Red Fox, Red Fox”
Red fox, red fox turn around
Red fox, red fox touch the ground
Red fox, red fox reach up high
Red fox, red fox touch the sky
Red fox, red fox find your nose
Red fox, red fox touch your toes
Red fox, red fox find your knees
Red fox, red fox sit down please
Credit: King County Library System

Fingerplay: “Where Is X?” (Tune: Thumbkin)
Where is X? Where is X?
Here I am. Here I am.
How are you today, sir? Very well, I thank you.
Run away. Run away.
Credit: Modified from Childhood

Song: “What Begins With X?”
What begins with x?
What begins with x?
We all know, we’ll tell you so.
What begins with x?
(Xylophone, X-ray, Xavier)

What ends with x?
What ends with x?
We all know, we’ll tell you so.
What ends with x?
(Fox, Box, Ox)
Credit: MotherReader


This craft came from Totally Tots, a site to which I owe a great deal of thanks in these ABC storytimes. I changed ours up a bit, though, and used paper since foam can be expensive and more frustrating for the kids to glue with. (Gluesticks and foam really do not mix!)

How It Went

The hardest letter in the alphabet — finally done! The kids loved “My Mom Has X-Ray Vision” and also really enjoyed “Max’s ABCs.” They had a great time matching up the x-rays on the flannelboard, and always love singing. The craft was, by far, one of their favorites. The daycare posted it up on their walls in the classroom and they got a lot of compliments on it!


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